DIØN will release his 3-track "Public Enemies" EP on Autektone March 9th.

About Dion

Inspired by the old school techno sound of the 90’s and the raw sound of today, Amsterdam based dj/producer DIØN (’98) is merging these sounds into his own productions. At the start of 2019, DIØN released his first techno EP on T78’s imprint Autektone Dark, including the track “XTC”, which got a lot of support from Spartaque and reached No.11 on the Beatport Hardcore/Hardtechno top 100. DIØN released two more EP’s on Autektone Dark and also signed his productions to Eclipse Recordings, Autektone (Tektones) and Giovanni Carozza’s imprint Kuda Audio. On stage DIØN charms techno heads with his own uncompromising studio productions. With his passionate love for music, DIØN takes the crowd on a journey that contains effortless transitions between techno, acid and rave.


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